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Defamation Attorney Indiana

By legal definition, Defamation is emotional or financial harm caused by a false statement or communications made to other individuals about another person. Harm may come emotionally or financially and can impact an individual or business’ reputation and character. Statements accusing or questioning a professional status can be considered damaging and is recoverable even without definitive proof of damages. However, winning a defamation case involves careful attention to details and a quick and timely response. Riley Williams & Piatt possesses the expertise to represent your interests in these matters properly.

Defamation can occur through defamatory statements made either orally or in print in a newspaper, magazine or other printed source. Internet defamation transpires when a statement considered defamation is made when posted online. Within the State of Indiana, the State Constitution protects your reputation against all types of defamation.

The law offices of Riley Williams & Piatt have an impressive record of success in cases involving injury to one’s reputation. In fact, Riley Williams & Piatt have accumulated more than $15 million dollars for their clients in these types of cases.

If you feel you are the victim in a defamation case, it’s important you take immediate steps in protecting your reputation. Schedule a free case evaluation by contacting us on our site or by phone: (317) 633-5270.